Japanese furniture and kraft remakes.

Small Chest of Drawer

Wood face mask

Japanese Handkraft Chair

Japanese Tray No.1

Japanese chest of drawers

Japanese room screen

Japanese room Screen – No.2

Japanese chest of drawers 2nd

Japanese room Screen

Japanese chest of drawers

Table Box Matsu And Tsuru Urushi – テーブル飾り箱 松に鶴 漆塗

Chirashi Sushi Box Matsu And Ume – ちらし寿司入れ 松梅 漆塗

Three Tone Round Vessel Urushi – 三色丸器 漆塗

Two Tone Round Vessel Urushi – 二色丸器 漆塗り

Collection Tray (Middle size) Urushi – コレクショントレー 漆(中)


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